Picture Post: Springtime in Cambridge

It’s often the way that when you live near a tourist destination you tend not to visit those places yourself. I’ve lived near Cambridge for a long time but I’ve never done the College tours, the open top bus nor the ghost walk, I’ve only been on a punt once and that was last year. Oh, I’ve seen the spring bulbs along the Backs, but it’s a pitiful effort when we’re talking about one of the world’s loveliest cities. Much as I love Cambridge, for me it’s been a place of work or retail rather than a leisure choice, except for the Arts Picturehouse, the best cinema in the region. So I started a new regime – to get along to some of the city sights that I have so far neglected.

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The Great Escape: Caesar Must Die film review


It’s a conspiracy!

Caesar Must Die, 2011, directed by Paolo Taviani and Vittorio Taviani, winner 2012 Golden Bear at Berlin.

On the face of it Caesar Must Die might seem a little off-putting: a docu-drama about a bunch of inmates in an maximum security prison in Rome who stage a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Interested? Being a devotee of both theatre and film I must admit to thinking (hoping?) it might actually be close to movie heaven – and, for me, it is. This astonishing film is a gripping, tender, enlightening and optimistic exploration of the power of creativity, especially of theatre, and of the timeless themes of loyalty and integrity that make Shakespeare’s work so relevant to now.

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What I’ve been watching: April films

This month I caught up with a few oldies and watched a couple of old favourites, along with a couple of new titles.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012, directed by Wes Anderson)

Robot and Frank (2012, directed by Jake Schreier)

Project Nim (2011, directed by James Marsh)

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