‘The Historian and the Home Movie’ film – Blog 3

Home movie history: Ashbourne Shrovetide Football 66

Welcome to the Blog of the Media Archive for Central England

In MACE’s blog this week we take a look at the film ‘The Historian and the Home Movie’ produced for us by Electric Egg.

The 25 minute film has been made available for free as a DVD to subscribers of this month’s History Today magazine in. The DVD can also be made available to academics, researchers, teachers and other educational and research organisations. See the end of this post for details.

This 5 part blog will focus on extracts from the film which highlights some of the material found in MACE’s Heritage Lottery Funded film search project, Full Circle, and explores how home movies and amateur films can be used by academics as important historical ‘documents’.

Historian and the Home Movie Clip 3:
Taylor Downing & James Patterson view and discuss a home movie from 1966

In this clip, MACE’s Director James Patterson and broadcaster/historian Taylor Downing, watch and discuss…

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