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Knitting by Michael Randall (1947-2000)

Welcome to my blog; for a long while I’ve been thinking about film, how it succeeds, how it sometimes doesn’t, how it represents history or not, what I see before me and what springs to mind as I watch. I love silent film; theatre (the Globe yard is my idea of a good night out); music, from John Dowland to Atoms For Peace; new places; books not Kindles; sunny days, getting on a plane.

I write about social history for Family Tree and Who Do You Think You Are? magazine and I’m especially interested in the historical context of film and cinema from the audience point of view. My film reviews are published by Take One, the independent film magazine of the Cambridge Film festival (October 2016) www.takeonecff.com. I help run a thriving and energetic community cinema in Cambridgeshire.

On the history side, I’m drawn to ordinary people, their lives and legacies – work, what they did for entertainment, migrations, living conditions, education, literacy, social status. I’ve recently published articles about LBGTQ history, women’s struggle to be educated, the slippery pastime of roller skating, how gardens have featured in our ancestor’s lives.  There are plenty more ideas in the pipeline! Check out my portfolio here:  https://www.clippings.me/amandarandall

Follow me on Twitter: @amandarandall5.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi there

    I am looking for images of the Changi Quilts which I can use to illustrate an article I am writing for a magazine. I have written for numerous magazines ( a hobby which I am hoping to turn into a job!) but have never had to source historical photographs before. I am finding it difficult to locate any from official sites as they charge for use. I am writing to ask whether the images you have on your site are ones you have taken yourself and if you would be willing for me to use them. Noting that you write for a history magazine (I’ve done work for them also), any advice you can give on sourcing free historical images would be incredibly useful.
    Thank you for your time.

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